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What exactly does website optimization mean? For a lot of people this is a complex subject that unfortunately too little time is spent on. We ensure that your website is fully optimized and are always ready to give advice.



Google has become a very strong and predominant tool around the world. It is therefore important to understand how to get to the top of a page in Google so that people who want to find you can easily find you. We ensure that texts use the right words, titles are well formulated and photos have the correct size. These are all things that happen in the foreground of the page. But unfortunately this is not the only thing Google finds important. Google is also very careful about a site's reliability. Is your site mentioned on other strong sites? Or only on sites with no value? We look for the right sites and place the so-called backlinks there. Sometimes it is more valuable to advertise on 1 other site than having 100 backlinks that don't matter. In fact, bad backlinks can do a lot of damage to your own site. We investigate all this and ensure that your site gets the trust of Google. Since confidence can also quickly decline, this is a continuous process. We charge an initial fee for the initial optimization. After that a fixed amount per month will be charged to keep the site up to standard.

How we work

We have experience with various website builders. So it doesn't matter if your own website is made in WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Snapps or somewhere else we can work on it. We look at content, page construction, photo optimization and the specific SEO optimization. This way you will be at the top of the Google search engine and your customers will come to you automatically. Why do we succeed and others fail? We see that many companies do not have enough knowledge for online marketing or do not want to invest enough time in all the small details. Getting high on the list takes a lot of work and time, but it is always possible.


Why Us?

Leadgen Team

We check your entire site and correct texts or add new ones where necessary We check each photo separately We make a good analysis of your competition We have a strong team of experts We advise on improvements We have no hidden costs We are always there for you We always continue to optimize for you We can track your social media and blogs We look forward to working together

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