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We build websites in Dutch, German and English. With new websites, we ensure that they are immediately optimized for the Google search engine. We make a design that suits your company and send updates in the meantime so that you always have the opportunity to adjust things.

Existing website

SEO optimization

A website is visited by Google with their crawler. This is a virtual robot that crosses the entire site to read the content, view the photos and search for backlinks and citations. If you don't understand this, it can be overwhelming and a lot can go wrong. If you create a backlink to another site which has no value at all, the value of your site will also be reduced. This all has results on your score to get to the first page of google. We can optimize your site in the right way so that you are visible for your customers.


At the top of Google Maps


GMB (Google my business)

If you are looking for a company locally, the first three companies are often visible on the Google map pack. This is a very valuable place to be with your company, because many people choose a company which is visible here. Are you not yet registered with your company at google my business or are you registered with your company but are you not visible with your company because your competition already occupies those places? We can help you to acquire this important position.

Logo Design

Do you need a logo? This can be for a website, a company or for something completely different. We have graphic designers who can help with a minimalist or a complex logo. Let us know your wishes and we will help you find your dream logo. You will receive the logo in various files, also with a transparent background.

Do you already have a reasonable idea of what you want for your logo or is it something you have not been involved with at all? We don't care. We create logos for companies, events or websites. We will discuss together to find out what the logo should convey or convey. Are you not satisfied? Then you can always have it changed without obligation.

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