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At Leadgen Rongen we help local companies to optimize their websites, register with GMB (google my business) and if you don't have a site yet, we will build a new one for you. Make sure you are above your competition and let customers come to you!

Who are we?

We are a passionate team of marketing specialists from all over the world. We strongly believe in inbound marketing and not cold calling. We want to bring customers to you, who have value and not random people. We have years of experience in this profession and are always aware of new techniques and changes. We have strong relationships with our customers and always ensure a win-win situation.

What is Online Lead Generation?

There are different ways of lead generation. There is paid advertising and telephone marketing. You will certainly find customers with these routes, but as soon as you stop advertising and calling, the customers will no longer come. The big disadvantage of this way of advertising is that you also reach many customers who are not interested. This results in you paying a lot more on ads than necessary. Because every call or click on an advertisement costs money.

Another way of generating leads is inbound online marketing. With this method we bring customers who are interested in your product to your website. This is the most sustainable way of marketing which you will always benefit from. At Leadgen Rongen we ensure that you are on the first page of google and that you are also visible on google maps. Let your customers come to you! In principle, we work on the basis of a monthly fee, but we offer a lot for that. We ensure that our small fee is nothing compared to the winnings you book. We also use this fee to buy backlinks, for example by advertising on other sites.

Still uncertain, we will be happy to discuss any concerns.

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    My business got 30% more profit after working with Leadgen


    Craig Ryan, Landscaper



    I am renting a website with leadgen. It saves me so much time not worrying about the marketing. Now I can actually focus on my clients.


    Elise de Wit



    I was sceptical, but Leadgen Rongen earned all my trust


    Rick van Heel


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