Google My Business

Very often when people search for something on Google, they choose a company from what is indicated on the Google card. GMB is exactly that. We take care of the registration and also that you are visible. Because if you are not in the top 3, nobody will find you.

How does GMB work?


Google My Business is a ticket where local businesses can register to become visible to the customer. If you are active in several cities and want to be visible in every city, that is also possible, but it is a bit more complex. Of course we can help. There are several criteria that Google looks at to get into the top 3. For example, citations (address registrations) are important. Some companies are registered with their addresses at 200 locations. If you want to be visible to the customer, you have to get above that. The profile you create on GMB is also very important. Have you built enough photos, information, and confidence? We look at each part in detail. Many companies are good at citations, others are good at photos. If we ensure that we look at everything, we can ensure that we win the race. In this way we ensure that your company becomes visible and people come to you automatically. GMB registration and optimization only goes together with a strong website. This part is therefore not offered separately. If you already have a very strong site, we will of course see that too. We will not charge you extra for the initial optimization.

To work

To register a company with GMB we need a local address and telephone number. We love to arrange all this ourselves. With the telephone number that we provide, we can show how many leads we generate and whether we are working effectively for you. We will complete the complete registration and Google will then send a verification to your address. When we have that, we are visible and we can start optimizing. Because this is of course necessary to get into the first three places and that is our goal. We will request company photos and previous projects. This allows us to give customers a good idea of your work. We will take care of all necessary optimization such as registering your company in many locations in order to get higher up the ladder. Once at the top you will quickly notice that you have many more customers.

Why Us?


We have been researching the optimization that Google expects for months. They don't give up everything and that's why with thousands of websites we've made little changes to see the effect. Ultimately, we have become masters of optimization. It takes time and effort, but it's worth it every time. Let us help you grow!

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