A website designer that gives a thumbs up

Elianne, Designer

Elianne is engaged in website design and this also involves a bit of optimization. Most websites are built in snapps which is an internal website program. Elianne has a lot of passion for designing both websites and new logos.

A seo specialist that is smiling

Dirk, SEO specialist

Dirk is engaged in the optimization of the website. He looks at hundreds of different details and optimizes them one by one. He is also working on the backlinks, citations and GMB. Dirk is also the one who maps the competition in order to have an idea of how we can improve.

A media specialist

Sarah, Media specialist

Sarah is our content writer and social media specialist. She has a background in marketing and literature and is a valuable addition to the team. She has a wide range of interests, but reading books is her greatest passion.

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    Leadgen Rongen

    If you want to be at the top of Google, a website needs constant attention. It's not that when a website is optimized you are at the top of the list and stay there. That is why we work with a fixed amount per month for customers who hire us for optimization. If you want us to also design a website and / or a logo, those costs must be paid in advance. Before we work with you, we make an analysis of the market. If you are in an industry with a lot of competition, it takes a lot more time to beat your competition. Because we mainly serve local companies, we work on a per city basis. If you want to be at the top of the Rotterdam list, we will work very hard on it and analyze your competition there. We ensure that we are better than your competition. If you want this for more cities, that is of course possible, but for us this means the same amount of work for each new city. An option that is often chosen with us is to rent our sites. We will build the entire site for you for free and you rent it from us. This means that you pay a fixed amount for the site and we ensure that it always remains optimized.

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